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The Jackson Dance Company (JDC) is a pre-professional dance company that connects the artistry of dance with our passion for Christ. We will strive to encourage audiences by using the talents and gifts that God has given us.  JDC members are selected through a yearly audition process and must show a high level of commitment.  Jackson Dance Company incorporated as a 501 c (3) in April 2015.  JDC's charitable purpose is to engage and assist activities that educate the public about Christ through dance in the Jackson Community.  JDC promotes opportunities for learning and provides moral and financial support to Company dancers.


2018-2019 JDC Fees


Community Outreach
JDC has a greater purpose than simply to dance and perform.  Our dancers are involved in many activities to bring dance into the lives of many members of the greater Jackson community.  This year we are doing so through grade school visits in the Western School District, preschool visits throughout Jackson, working at the Red Egg Farm in Spring Arbor, sponsoring a babysitting night at the studio, Princess Night and the annual Daddy Daughter Dance held at our studio.


Convention and Competitions
Each year, the Jackson Dance Company attends Dance Conventions and Competitions to train and interact with some of the best dance instructors in the industry. Historically we stay close to home, attending Conventions in Dearborn, MI, but we will venture to Chicago now and then. This year we will attend the Dancemakers, Inc.  We love the instruction that is given to our students at DMI and are proud of the awards JDC has received at these Competitions.


Mentorship and Guidance
Our Company members have the opportunity to participate in monthly team-building exercises and connections with different levels of the Company.  Younger members are paired with older "big sisters" to provide a mentorship that lasts the dance season (one year at a time).  Older Company members learn how to mentor and provide much needed emotional and spiritual guidance to our younger members. Everyone enjoys these monthly interactions at our CONNECT meetings.


JDC is more than a pre-professional dance company. We are more than just dance training.  JDC shares a love for Christ, we build lasting friendships, strength of character and we do this all in an encouraging and safe environment.


JACKSON DANCE COMPANY - Designed to Move.  Designed to Love.